Resources to support pupils with SEND

A list of useful websites and apps to support learners with special educational needs.

Speech, Language and communication

Sequencing and narrative skills

Speechlink – lots of speech and language and listening activities for you to do with your child – we use speech link activities in Key Stage 1 at Pippins. They have granted free access to parents during this time.

EYFS listening activities – Cbeebies

Strategies for understanding language

Social skills games

Speech and language ideas especially for EYFS and Lower Key Stage 1

Listening and attention

Cognition, thinking, dyslexia and Autism

Ideas to support learners with Autism

Mathletics APP

Supporting maths learning through games and fun

Learn to touch type – recommended by Educational Psychologists and Dyslexia specialists

Sensory and physical, motor skills

Ideas for sensory play

Fine motor skills help

Gross motor skills help

Body position awareness – proprioception activities

Social skills, emotions and mental health

Coping with stress  

App for Mindfulness and Meditation. (Available on iOS, Android & Web)


I Love Hue APP

When you feel like you have no control, this app can help soothe you by creating simple visual harmonies from mosaic tiles.


Kooth - Online mental health community 



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