Vision and Values

‘Together we grow, Together we achieve’

Learning lies at the heart of all we do. We nurture our children, develop their strength and resilience and strive to realise the potential of every child. We believe that everyone can achieve, regardless of ability and aptitude. We include all, celebrating diversity and minimising any barriers to learning.  Every child is significant, every child deserves the best and every child has the right to achieve. Trust and integrity are the cohesive elements that bind the partnership between home and school TOGETHER. Together, we celebrate and share success and achievement.

We are committed to:

Striving for continuous development in all that we do and recognise that learning is life-long

The values of friendship, respect, diversity, perseverance, collaboration, determination, honesty and excellence underpin our work. This is the core and pith of our apple; our metaphor.

Essential Elements to Pippins' Vision to Promote High Achievement and Lifelong Learning:  

We know and value every child and look for the best in them
Personalised learning to match need, recognising success may look very different for every child
Children are empowered to have enquiring minds and be independent learners
We develop a positive, well motivated, self disciplined attitude to ensure that informed choices are made
Adaptation to change and learning from strengths and challenges is essential
Widening horizons, ambition and a strong sense of self-worth, esteem and image
Recognition of the importance of our community and its value; respect, understanding and tolerance for others in the worldwide community
Creative learners with the skills to achieve their full potential
High standards to ensure that our children are literate and numerate and have advanced technological skills
A positive approach towards a healthy lifestyle


In Order to Realise the Vision We Will:

Develop a broad, stimulating, challenging curriculum through which children will grow and achieve excellence and enjoyment
Promote children’s personal development and well being
Provide a safe, secure and well maintained environment
Deliver innovative teaching and an investigative approach to learning
Create learning partnerships between school, home and the community that supports and encourages success and promotes respect
Provide a strong, vibrant, forward thinking leadership and management team


Curriculum Intent

At Pippins, we empower the children with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for lifelong learning in the 21st Century.

We do this by teaching a broad, stimulating, challenging and creative curriculum through which children will grow, persevere and be passionate about learning in a multi-cultural society.


Pippins School

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