Year 6 (Jazz) 2020 - 2021

Mrs Davis

Assistant Headteacher Parents and children,

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a good rest and enjoyed the festive holiday.

Despite the children working from home, we are still delivering a full curriculum with a few minor adjustments.

This term, as last term, the children will be reading and writing in many genres. They will study fiction and non-fiction text types and write in a similar style using appropriate text features. In reading, they will discuss inference, the main ideas and summarising using evidence from the text, focusing on extending their vocabulary. They will develop their use of grammar and punctuation through activities and continue to use the grammatical features and punctuation in their own writing.

In maths, the children will be building on their previous knowledge when learning about decimal numbers, percentages, algebra, imperial and metric measures, perimeter area and volume, and ratio and proportion. They will continue to practise arithmetic strategies, use written methods to calculate large numbers and use their knowledge of maths to solve problems.

In science, for the first half of this term, the children will learn about variation and adaptation. They will explore how Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace developed their theories of evolution. They will examine the scientific evidence from plants and animals that has been gathered to support the theory of evolution.

In Geography, the children will be studying ‘Coastlines’. During this topic, the children will discover how coastal features are formed, how coastal erosion affects the lives of some people and how coastal defences are used in the battle against erosion.

In History, the children will be learning about the Titanic. They will have an opportunity to discover how the way we live has changed over time and examine the facts about what happened to Titanic. There will be opportunities for debates and they will write about the past in a variety of genres.

In art, children will be using tutorials to create ‘Bird Art’ developing a variety of techniques.

In computing, we will be unable to learn about spreadsheets until the children are in school; however, they will be learning about the importance of online safety, how computers and networks work and continue with coding projects.

The children should continue to use Sumdog, and Education City whenever possible as it will assist them in learning key facts and practicing crucial number facts, spellings and skills. The BBC bitesize revision website is also extremely useful to help the children to practice and revise. It can be found at

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch. 

The Year 6 Team, 

Mrs Davis, Mrs Hendry and Miss Mata

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