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Year 6 (Jazz) 2023 - 2024

Miss Kang

Mr Khalid

Welcome to Year 6! 

Autumn term will oversee lots of new and exciting topics to learn about. 


In guided reading we will be using a reader called 'Fly me Home,' by Polly Ho Yen.  Feeling lost and alone in a strange new city, Leelu wishes she could fly away back home – her real home where her dad is, thousands of miles away. London is cold and grey and the neighbours are noisy and there's concrete everywhere. 

We will continue learning spellings from the Year 5/6 national curriculum list and other words with associated spelling patterns. We will also be learning key terms and vocabulary as we come across them in our learning this half term.

Handwriting will take place everyday to ensure neatness and presentation.

The book that we will be basing our writing on this term is, The Arrival by Shaun Tan. In this unusual book, we follow a young man as he packs his bags and leaves his family to go and start a new life in another country. We experience his journey, his struggles to communicate, find accommodation, a job and food, as well as following the stories of other immigrants. The pupils in Jazz class will be writing letters, lists of rules, character descriptions, diaries, short playscripts, short reports and guides.


In Maths we will be focusing on the place value, addition, subtraction, muliplication and division, fractions and converting units . We will be recapping the 4 main operations with weekly arithmetic and timestables tests. 


Our unit is on Evolution and Inheritance. This project teaches children how living things on Earth have changed over time and how fossils provide evidence for this. They learn how characteristics are passed from parents to their offspring and how variation in offspring can affect their survival, with changes (adaptations) possibly leading to the evolution of a species.


Our history topic is 'Britiain and War'. This topic teaches children about the causes, events and consequences of the First and Second World Wars, the influence of new inventions on warfare, how life in Great Britain was affected and the legacy of the wars in the post-war period.

Geography unit is learning about how our world in changing. Focusing onthe features of Earth, time zones and lines of latitude and longitude to pinpoint places on a map. Children find out more about map scales, grid references, contour lines and map symbols. They learn about climate change and the importance of global trade. Children analyse data and carry out fieldwork to find out about local road safety. They study patterns of human settlements and carry out an enquiry to describe local settlement patterns.


Some of our computing sessions will be looking at computer systems and networks as well as designing a webpage. 

Art, DT and Music

In Art, we will be teacing children about the concepts of abstraction and distortion. They study the visual characteristics of abstraction and create a musically-inspired, abstract painting.

In music, we will be focusing on Dynamics, pitch and texture, appraising the work of Mendelssohn and further developing the skills of improvisation and composition.

General Reminders

  • PE will be on Fridays. Please ensure your child comes to school wearing their PE kit on those days. Please also ensure that any earrings are removed for PE.
  • Homework will be set on a Friday, to be handed in on the following Wednesday. 
  • Children are expected to read every night, please ensure this is recorded in their reading records. Reading records will be checked on a weekly basis and reads will be counted as part of our new reading challenge. The aim is to read daily for 15-20 minutes. 
  • Spelling rules will be taught on a Monday and tested the following Monday. Please note, there will not be a list of spellings, but a rule to be learned. 
  • Please can you pay your deposit for PGL Osmington Bay .

We thank you for your continued support in this final year of your child's learning here at Pippins. If you have any queries or questions, please come and see one of us or email me with or

Miss Kang and Mr Khalid

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