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Year 1 (Elstar) 2023 - 2024

Miss Purdy

Summer term news


In English, we will be focusing on continuing to develop your child's reading, writing, and oracy skills. We will begin the summer term with these two books Lost and Found and Yeti and the Bird. After the May half term we will be focusing on these books Iggy Peck Architect and The Magic Bed. We will be continuing to work on your child`s writing skills to think of a sentence, hold their senrence and say their sentence out loud. This will be help your child to develop their confidence and ability to communicate effectively and speak in full sentences.

In maths, we will be building on the skills your child learned in autumn and spring terms. We will be learning about multiplication and division, fractions, position and direction, place value (within 100) money and time, We will be continuing to using a variety of resources such as ten frames, part, part, whole models, bar models, bead strings, clocks and money to support your child’s learning.

In science, we will be focusing on Plant Parts. We will be teaching your child about wild and garden plants by exploring the local environment. They will be identifying and describing the basic parts of plants and observe how they change over time. We will also be visiting an educational centre in Maidenhead in June to learn more about plants and trees.

Our history focus this term is School Days. We will be teaching children about their own school and locality, both today and in the past. They will be comparing schooling in the Victorian era to their experiences today and comparing similarites and differences.

In addition to these core subjects, we will also be teaching a variety of other subjects, such as art, music, RE, PSHCE, and PE. We believe that a well-rounded education is important, and we want to provide your child with the opportunity to explore their interests and talents. 

I am looking forward to the lovely things that are planned for this term.

Miss Purdy


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