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Qualities 2.PNGThe Pippins Curriuclum

Curriculum Aim

At Pippins School, learning lies at the heart of all we do. We nurture our children, develop their strength and resilience and strive to realise the potential of every child. We believe that everyone can achieve, regardless of ablilty and aptitude. Every child is significant, every child desrves the best and every child has the right to achieve. This ethos  permeates our curriculum, enabling a Pippins child to ultimately be:

  • a unique individual,
  • a global citizen, and 
  • a self-motivated learner. 

Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum binds together knowledge, skills, concepts and vocabulary so that our children can achieve their potential. 

We provide exciting, real life experiences for children to engage in and challenge and encourage them to reflect on their own learning to move forward with courage. 

Knowledge underpins the design of our curriculum, Children frequently recall past learning to help them to memorise knowlegde that they need to use to understand concepts. We have identified vocabulary that will challenge and teach children to use it appropriately in discussions and explanations. 

Skills learnt in maths and English enhance achievements in the foundation curriculum. 

Principles Underpinning the curriculum

Creativity, Independence, Determination, Aspiration and Resilience.

We teach out children to be independent learners, reflective thinkers, creative thinkers, investigative enquirers and team players. 

Our curriculum is balanced providing children experience to grow academically, socially, creatively, physically, emotionally and morally. 


Links are made between subjects, across and within year groups. Learning is sequenced progressively. 

Real and Relevant

Children at Pippins are geographers, historians, artists, musicians, mathematicians, authors, readers, athletes, designers and scientists. 

Curriculum content is designed to be relevant to their own lives now and in the future. We provide life opportunities through real experiences and use opportunities to celebrate the diversity of our local community and to enhance our children's cultural capital, which will equip them for a better quality of life. 


Children are taught why what they are learning is relevant. They can explain not only what they are learning but also why they are learning it so that they can make links with what has come before and what is to come. 

Knowledge Rich

Powerful knowledge that the children need to know is carefully planned and children recall this knowledge frequently to help them to memorise to enable them to use this knowledge leading to high quality learning. Knowledge is sequenced to help children remember what they have learnt and apply it to new concepts. 

Powerful knowledge enables children to grow into adults that can understand, co-operate and shape the world together. 

Vocabulary Rich

Children are taught to understand the meanings of ambitious vocabulary and use them in their explanations and discussions in a safe and supportive environment.


Solving problems brings satisfaction. Our children are provided with achievable challenges with adequate information that allow children to feel success. They develop expertise through describing key elements of their learning and apply it in different contexts. 


Learning is planned and taught in a way to match children's individual needs. We are a forward thinking, outward facing school, so every opportunity to exploit culture, diversity and equality is utilised. We take great pride in our local multicultural community, celebrating our differences, and learning from one another. This core value runs throughtout our school, teaching and learning. Our curriculum and pedagogical skills enliven individuality and self-identities. 

Reading Driven

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum at Pippins. In order for children to know more and remember more, we use high quality texts to engage children and teach core concepts across the curriculum. 

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