Mental Health and Wellbeing


Action Calendar: Meaningful May 2020

Daily actions to respond to this crisis with a sense of purpose and meaning.

Supporting Learning at home

Wellbeing ideas for families

Coping with change

Help with questions from children

Help with children being at home

14 day at home challenge

Fiver Finger Breathing -

Rainbow Breathing -

Bulldog finds his heartbeat -

On and Off -

Be Kind to Yourself -

The Listening Game -

Why are some people mean? -

Thought Bubbles -

Butterfly Body Scan -

Frog Jumps -

Bulldog Finds his quiet place -

The Elephant’s Cousin -

The Flying Bubble Bath -

The Peaceful Jungle: Chimpanzee’s Tea Party -

Cleansing Campfire -

The Magical Castle -

Pokemon Meditation -

The Fairy Garden -

Wiggleflop -

Bring it Down -

Spaceship to the Moon -

What does being present mean? -

Learning about our thoughts -

Your Secret Lighthouse -

The Friendly Whale -

Have Compassion -

Strengthen Your Focus -

Relieve Anxiety -

Treasure Box -


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