The Daily Maths Lesson
Maths is taught every day and each maths lesson starts with a warm up activity that all children participate in. Various resources are used such as whiteboards and pens for children to write answers, counting sticks, number fans or cards for children to show answers or interactive mathematical games on the interactive board. 
The lessons are planned to build upon what the children already know. Our teachers are committed to making maths FUN and prepare engaging activities that challenge children’s thinking and encourage our children to talk about maths. Children use a variety of mathematical resources to support their understanding when appropriate and maths is taught in other curriculum areas such as science, computing and geography, for example when collecting and analysing data.

Curriculum Content
The National Curriculum outlines what must be taught to each year group. To find out what your child is learning, please visit their Year Group page.     

The Calculation Policy
You may find the strategies that your children are taught in school differ to the way that you remember when you were at school. We believe that a secure understanding of number is important before they begin to write calculations formally and therefore we have written a calculation policy which clearly shows the stages of understanding that children should follow to secure this understanding. Our school calculation policy can be found here.

Mental Maths
Children are taught to use the mental skills throughout the curriculum. It is extremely important that children learn key facts that they can then recall and use in lessons. An overview of the key mental skills can be found by following these links.

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