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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Values
At Pippins School, we are committed to promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Culture (SMSC) values through a values based education.  These values are supported by our work as a Rights Respecting School.  The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child forms an integral part of everything we do in school.

SMSC values are at the heart of our work at Pippins School. We recognise that these values are integral to fostering a climate which is conducive to learning as well as being the building blocks to forge and sustain strong relationships across the whole school community.

SMSC values are referred to and promoted by all both in and out of the classroom in our school charter, at School council meetings, Eco- warrior meetings and in assemblies. Some of our assemblies explore different faiths and others focus on the lives of notable people from varying socio-economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The SMSC values are taught also through the PSHE which is delivered to all pupils from year 1 to 6.

The Jigsaw Scheme brings together Personal, Social, Health and Economic education, emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development. It holds children at its heart. Its cohesive vision helps children understand and value who they are and how they fit and contribute to the world.

In addition to these PSHE sessions, we work closely with lots of outside agencies. Over the last year, our PCSO has carried out assemblies for all our pupils on stranger danger, to car safety and the need to wear seatbelts to youth violence and gangs (4/10/16). As part of anti-bullying week, staff delivered lessons about internet safety and anti- bullying to both pupils and parents were sent a newsletter.  Biannually, all pupils participate in the NSPCC Speak out Stay safe programme. Supporting literature and websites are regularly available on our school website for parents to access.

At Pippins School, we also strongly believe in working closely with our community. In recent years, pupils have been involved in litter picks and in performing songs and dances as well as sharing songs and poems to the old age pensioners at our Harvest celebrations. Our SEND and Nurture team responds to community needs on an individual basis with regard to community cohesion, drugs education, internet safety, domestic abuse and support. Our SEND Lead regularly attends Forums and is aware of ongoing local issues (FGM and CSE).

Opportunities for training are regularly sought to support teachers with the promotion and the development of SMSC values in school. Training has included Team teach training (9/19) ,Rob Long’s ‘Behaviour for Learning’  FGM (9/15), Mental health, resilience and attachment (9/16)  and Prevent training (9/18). Regular updates are shared in meetings and PSHE sessions with children are tailored to meet specific needs when required.


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