Year 3 (Bramley) 2020 - 2021

Mr Jennings

Year 3 Class Teacher

Welcome back, I hope you have a blessed and restful Easter break.

As we enter into the Summer term we enter back into almost normality. I hope you're all ready for a fun filled summer term.

Do you want to miss out on the game that everyone is talking about? Well we start off with persuasive writing and advertising, we will be delving into how adverts persuade people to buy things in relation to games and video games, and what we can implement in our writing to persuade someone ourselves.

There will be a heavy focus on our grammar and punctuation this term, as we have become a little lax of late, this will be reiterating all the children should know prior to year 3 and the new tricks they can use in their writing to show off.

Lastly we will look into creative story writing, we will look into planning techniques, how to describe the setting of the story and paint a magical picture with words.




Maths this term is focusing around fractions, this is a really important aspect of maths when venturing into the latter stages of KS2.
We will be revisiting multiplication and division looking at methods and tricks we know to help us work out calculations.
We will further look at capacity and mass as a form of measurement.  



This term science makes us look inwards as we look at animals including humans. We'll be looking at diets of animals, habitats, bones and muscles. The children will be able to identify the major bones and muscles in the human body. Identify the diet of an animal, understand a food chain and what this means. More broadly the children will be looking at the classification of animals in groups.

This term will hopefully also allow us to catch up on the magnets topic we missed due to online learning. The children will learn about the poles and magnetic materials. 



From the animals to the environmental impact we will be venturing into territory unknown as we carve out our path into Rainforests. We will be learning about rainforests, what are they, what's inside, what is happening to our forests and what impacts this may have - We also hopefully will be making our own rainforest.



Our computing sessions in the summer term will look into coding, the children will learn about bugs in a game and how they are corrected. They will also continue to use Microsoft to advance their computer competence.



Outdoor learning is a high priority in Bramley class this term. We will taking advantage of the sun and the temperature as we dance and are introduced to variations of games we are already familiar with. PE is very important for the children and it is important as parents and teachers to encourage our children to take on new challenges and not shy away from outdoor activities.


Homework has changed slightly and will now be sent home on FRIDAY it will then be expected in on the WEDNESDAY.
Spellings will be tested on Mondays as usual.

Please can you ensure to the best of your ability that your child is reading at home. We are doing the best we can at school but could also use parental encouragement. The more your child reads at home the more this could progress not only their reading skills but their English work as a whole.



If you have any questions or worries, please email me or you can make a book and appointment with our office staff.


Mr Jennings

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