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Year 3 (Bramley) 2023 - 2024

Mr Khan

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to Bramley Class! I hope everyone had a restful Christmas break and is ready for an exciting spring term.

Maths: The spring term has just begun, and the students are already delving deeper into the topics of multiplication and division. They will be learning how to reason about multiplication, including multiplying a two-digit number by a one-digit number with and without carrying over. They will also be exploring remainders, scaling, and various methods for solving multiplication and division problems. Additionally, throughout the spring term, they will be reinforcing their knowledge of the 3, 4, and 8 times tables. The next topic that the children will learn about is length and perimeter. They will be taught how to measure in different capacities like millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm) and meters (m). Additionally, they will learn how to solve equivalent lengths, compare lengths, add and subtract lengths, and calculate perimeters. This year, children will start learning about fractions. They will begin to understand numerators and denominators and how to compare and order fractions that have the same denominators. They will also learn about the concept of a whole and how to compare and order fractions that are not unit fractions. Furthermore, they will learn how to represent and count fractions on a number line or scale while learning how to count them equivalently. The topic of fractions will continue in the summer term. In the final maths topic of the summer term, children will learn about mass and capacity. They will learn how to measure in millilitres (ml), litres (L), grams (g), and kilograms (kg). The topic will cover solving equivalent mass, adding and subtracting mass, and comparing and ordering mass.

English: The autumn term of the students began with the reading of the book 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin'. The story tells of the rat-catcher who used his magical flute to lure the rats out of the town. However, when the town refused to pay him for his service, he turned into a more sinister character and lured the town's children away with the hypnotic notes of his flute. The entranced boys and girls followed him out of town and disappeared. This will then lead them onto reading Escape to Pompei and Cloud Tea Monkeys and Small the City after half term respectively. These books will form the basis of Bramley’s class writing and guided reading lessons where students will be working on Myths/ Legends, Extended Narratives, Newspaper Reports, Own Version narratives and extended letter writing this term.

Science: Children will be taught about forces and magnets as part of their science curriculum. This project teaches children about contact and non-contact forces, including friction and magnetism. They investigate frictional and magnetic forces, and identify parts of a magnet and magnetic materials.

Humanities: This term, the children will be learning about rocks, relics and rumbles. This project teaches children about the features and characteristics of Earth's layers, including a detailed exploration of volcanic, tectonic and seismic activity.

Art, DT and Music: As part of their art curriculum, the children will learn about ammonites, humans, and places. The ammonite project will introduce them to different artistic techniques such as sketching, printmaking, and sculpture, while the human and places project will focus on figure drawing. The children will study the figure drawings and urban landscapes of the artist LS Lowry and create artwork in his style to depict scenes from their school.

General Reminders.

Thank you very much for your patience during the change in P.E days last term. The children really enjoyed the cricket lessons and getting involved in a sport that is loved by many. P.E lessons have now returned to Mondays and will continue on that day for the remainder of the academic year. They are still only one day a week until further notice.

- Homework will be given on Fridays and must be submitted the following Wednesday.

- It is highly encouraged that children read every night, and for 15-20 minutes each day. Please record your child's reading progress in their reading records. These records will be checked weekly and will be included in our new reading challenge.

We appreciate your continued support in your leaning here at Pippins. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to approach me at the school gate or email me at

All the best.

Mr Khan

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