Reception (Pixie) 2019 - 2020

Mrs Bailey

Reception Class Teacher

Welcome to Reception Pixie Class!

Spring 2020

This is a very exciting term for the children as they continue to develop and learn in our wonderful nurturing environment. We will continue to focus on the children meeting their next steps of development within the prime and specific areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

Here is a general overview of how we will be promoting your child’s learning and development in Pixie Class during the spring term.

Prime Areas of Learning                                                                                                                       

The prime areas are important because they lay the foundations for children’s success in all other areas of learning and of life.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development                                                                                  

We will be encouraging the children to explore the environment independently in order to continue to feel a sense of security and well being. We have high expectations of children's behavior, and when necessary will support them to make positive choices. The children will be encouraged to take turns and share in order to play alongside one another.


Communication & Language

The children will be given opportunities to develop and build upon their speaking and listening skills through independent and adult led activities. These activities will develop the children’s understanding of following instructions and using ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions that relate to our stories, topics and experiences.


Physical Development

Physical activities are always available in the indoor or outdoor environment which promote the children’s gross and fine motor development. The children will participate in a ‘funky fingers’ programme, which will strengthen their fine motor skills to develop their pencil grip. We will be promoting the children’s health & self-care by teaching them to be more independent though activities such as getting changed into their PE kits and packing their own book bags.

The children will be exploring activities within the topic 'Healthy Me' where they will continue to learn about healthy lifestyles and how to look after our bodies through diet, exercise and good personal hygiene. 


Specific Areas of Learning

The specific areas provide the range of experiences and opportunities for children to broaden their knowledge and skills.



We will continue to promote ‘a love of reading and storytelling’ by sharing stories such as traditional fairytales, and topic-based stories that are thought provoking for the children so they can make predictions, discuss the principal characters and create alternative endings.


We will continue daily phonics sessions where the children can then apply their phonic knowledge alongside a language rich environment which will encourage them to begin to write labels, lists, captions and simple sentences.


Please continue to listen to your child read at home and record any comments in their reading record book. 


The children will be encouraged to mark make and write using different forms of media such as pens, chalks, sand and foam etc.



We will be matching, ordering and selecting the correct numbers in a range of activities to help the children to understand and use numbers in everyday situations. We will be primarily focusing on numbers up to 20 to start off with.


We will begin to explore and record the concepts of addition and subtraction and number doubles. Shape, space and measure will be investigated and explored in our environment through this the children will experience learning concepts such as shape, size, weight, capacity, position, distance and time.



Understanding the World

Similarities and differences in relation to people, places, objects, materials and living things will continue to be explored with the children this term with a focus on celebrations and festivals such as Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday, Lent and Easter.


In the classroom environment the children will continue to explore technology through the use of cameras, microphones, recording devices and the interactive white board. During weekly ICT lessons the children will continue to learn how to navigate their way around a simple computer programme by learning the basic functions of a mouse and how to use it to click and drag.


Expressive Arts and Design

An active imagination is crucial to unlocking the children’s abilities of storytelling and building narratives in their play. This term the children will be using their imaginations as they get ready to go on a space adventure to the moon!


The children will have opportunities to explore and play with a range of media and materials and will be challenged to think more about their uses and purposes. There will be an emphasis this term on materials, thinking about what different materials look like and feel like.


The children will represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through art, music, dance, and roleplay.


School Community
We will continue to attend and participate in weekly assemblies with the rest of the school, as well as sharing a daily school meal as a community, during lunchtime.

Learning Journals
We will be continuing to input photographs and observations into your child’s learning journey throughout the year. Each child’s learning journey is accessible to them and is available for you to look at should you wish to, at coffee mornings and parents evening which will take place later this term.



Shared Learning Task

Your child will be encouraged to complete a shared Learning task at home each week, based on the work we have covered throughout the week in class. Learning at this level will be through simple games, sharing a book, computing activities, speaking and listening opportunities and mark making and writing tasks.  This will be sent home every Friday, to be sent in the following Wednesday.


Reading books will be sent home every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please ensure that you have read the book at least twice (signing and dating the reading record) to show that you have read with the child.

We look forward to supporting your child on the next part of their early years journey,
Mrs Bailey, Mrs Day and Mrs Davies.

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