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Pips Nursery Class 2021-2022

Welcome to Pips Nursery Class.


This year is an important year of learning for your child, which will lay the foundations for all future learning. We will place a strong emphasis on the Characteristics of Effective Learning which encourage children to develop the skills to be lifelong effective learners. The Characteristics of Effective Learning are:

Playing and Exploring: Encouraging children to ‘have a go’ and participate in different activities and experiences.

Active Learning: This enables children to build resilience through achievable challenges which develop concentration and encourage children to keep trying even if they encounter difficulties. This in turn promotes a sense of achievement and success.

Creating and Critical Thinking: Supporting children to have and to develop their own ideas, to devise new strategies and to make links in their learning.

Whilst in nursery we follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum. This is a play based curriculum which is divided into seven different areas of learning. In nursery we place a strong emphasis on the three ‘Prime Areas’ of development which are: Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language Development.

Your child will be learning important life skills such as socialising with other children, learning to share and take turns, communicating with others, developing in confidence, making choices and becoming more independent.

There are also four ‘Specific Areas’ of learning, these are Mathematical Development,  Literacy Development, Expressive Art and Design, and Understanding the World. We will provide lots of exciting, motivating activities for your child to participate in which will cover a wide range of learning objectives. 

We have a fantastic, stimulating learning environment both inside and outside and the children are encouraged to spend time outside each day, this provides lots of opportunity for physical development and also to experience nature, the different seasons and learn about the world around them.

We strongly believe that real life experiences are important in helping young children to develop and learn. With that in mind we provide lots of opportunity for trips out, such as going to the park and visiting places of interest that are linked to our learning. We also have some Giant African Land Snails as pets in nursery. The children are encouraged to help to care for them and are offered opportunity to handle them regularly.

We will keep you informed of your child’s development and learning across the different curriculum areas by providing you with access to ‘Tapestry’ this is your child’s online interactive learning journal.  You will be able to access photographs and observations of your child’s learning journey and we will keep you informed of the exciting work we are doing in nursery. You will also have opportunity to add your own pictures and information on your child thus providing a two way flow of information so we can truly work in partnership with you to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

We are available every morning if you ever have any concerns or questions about your child. We welcome your comments and encourage you to share information with us about your child so that we can provide the best possible care and education tailored to their needs.

We look forwards to getting to know you and your child and anticipate a fun year of learning ahead.

The Nursery Team,

Mrs Fowler and Mrs Butler

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